Photos of equipment used at the Club

Rear sight and breech of a BSA Martini MKII
Rear sight and breech of a BSA MKII

    The photographs below give an idea of the different types of guns and other equipment used by members of Marple Rifle and Pistol Club, both for indoor and outdoor shooting. The models of firearms shown are neither exhaustive nor exclusive and the only restrictions as to what can be used are those dictated by the Club's Range Safety Certificate for indoor shooting and the Ministry of Defence for use on their ranges.

    Note: None of the shooting equipment shown below is stored at the Club premises, it is all privately owned by individual members.

    The Club indoor Range has the following maximum restrictions for shooting:

    Maximum calibre is: .455 inch for nitro propellant: there is no calibre limit for Black Powder.

    Maximum velocity is: 1706 fps

    Maximum muzzle energy is: 1045 ft/lbs.

    Military ranges, such as the one at Sealand have their own restrictions and it is the responsibility of the Club's Range Conducting Officer on the day to check that all members equipment complies fully with the MOD range restrictions for the venue in use.

Equipment used at the Club

Target airguns

 Sporting airguns
.22 Target rifles

 .22 Carbines

Fullbore rifles and carbines
 Fullbore pistols

Black Powder guns
Gun parts

Shooting clothing

Miscellaneous shooting equipment


Target Airguns

Feinwerkbau 40 target pistol
Walter CPM-1 CO2 target pistol in carrying case

Feinwerkbau 40 target pistol pressure gauge
Walter CPM-1 CO2 target pistol
Feinwerkbau 40 target pistol sights

Size comparison between a Feinwerkbau model 40 pistol & 700 rifle

Feinwerkbau 40 target pistol breech
Size comparison between Feinwerkbau P70 ALU and 700 ALU Junior

View over the sights of a Feinwerkbau model 40 target pistol
Feinwerkbau P70 ALU stock

Airmatch Model 600 target pistol
Feinwerkbau LG700 adjustable stock

Feinwerkbau P70 ALU 10 metre target rifle
Feinwerkbau P70 ALU air cylinder

View through the sights of a Feinwerkbau LG700
Side view of a Feinwerkbau LG700 rear sight
View through the adjustable foresight of a Feinwerkbau LG700
Side view of the foresight of a Feinwerkbau LG700

Fitted case for a Feinwerkbau P70
Feinwerkbau 601 10 metre target rifle

Tesro RS100 10 metre target rifle
Tesro RS100 rear sight

Tesro RS100 grip and rear sight


Sporting airguns

Vermin control Air Rifle from left

 Vermin control Air Rifle from right


.22 Target rifles (all single shot)

BSA Martini-International MkII

 Anschutz Model 54

Close-up of BSA breech
Close-up of Anschutz breech

Close-up of Feinwerkbau breech

 Close-up of Anschutz butt stock


.22 carbines (all multi shot)

Ruger 10-22 with scope ... (54kb)

 Thompson with bipod & scope ... (49kb)

Close-up of Ruger parallax adjustment ... (74kb)

 Close-up of Thompson breech ... (50kb)


Fullbore rifles and carbines

Ruger All-Weather K77 (close-up)

Southern Gun 9mm

 Southern Gun 9mm (close-up)

Ruger K Mini 30P in 7.62 mm Russian

 Ruger All-Weather K77 .44 Magnum


Fullbore pistols

.44 Magnum (Ruger) showing cylinder

 .44 Magnum (Ruger) close-up of cylinder

.45 Colt ACP showing the effect of torque reaction

 .44 Magnum (Ruger) showing extension piece


Black Powder guns

Black Powder Revolver being loaded

 Black Powder single shot pistol (percussion)

Armi Sport Corsair .36 calibre double barrelled percussion pistol


 Harpers Ferry .58 calibre Flintlock

Kodiak Express Rifle, close up of the action

 Kodiak Express Rifle, double barrelled in .50 calibre (percussion)

Close-up of percussion carbine action
Close-up of flintlock action

 Kodiak Express Rifle, close up of the muzzles

Charles Moore flintlock pistol


Gun parts

Lock of a Black Powder percussion pistol

 Lock of a Black Powder flintlock pistol



.44 and .22 cartridges side by side

 .357 + 7.62 + .22 cartridge cases side by side

Examples of Boxer primers
Diagram of typical cartridge makeup

Separated .22 cartridge case




10 metre Airgun targets

 25 yard .22 Prone Rifle target

25 yard .22 Kneeling Rifle target

25 yard .22 Standing Rifle target

'Splash' targets



Shooting clothing

Shooting jacket (rear view)


 Shooting jacket (front view)

Shooting trousers (rear view)

Shooting trousers (front view)

Shooting boots



Miscellaneous shooting equipment

10 metre target changer

Powder flask


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