10 metre Airgun targets
(used in NSRA competitions)

    A 10 metre air rifle target on the left and a 10 metre air pistol target on the right. Strictly speaking the air rifle target is not correct for competition as it is showing 5 separate aiming marks on the one card and normally only one is allowed. These targets are scored using 'inward' gauging, i.e. the edge of the shot hole nearest the centre is used to determine the value. A shot hole has only to touch (not cut) a scoring ring to count the higher value. These targets are only correct for 4.5mm (.177) airgun pellets and comply with the current ISSF rules for international competition which are run by the NSRA within the UK.

    On the rifle target the 10 is the tiny spot in the centre (it is 0.5 mm in diameter). If you think that air rifle shooting is easy, then come and have a go, in effect you are trying to hit the head of a small pin at 10 metres distance: not easy.

    On the air pistol target the centre ring has no numerical value, it is only used as a tie breaker and the 10 ring is the next one larger. Remember that air pistol shooting is done single handed with no form of support to the body of any kind allowed.

    The normal course of fire for airgun is 60 shots to count, preceded by an unlimited number of sighting shots, the whole to be completed in 1ΒΌ hours. This is then followed by an 'Olympic' final, in which the top 8 scores each from rifle and pistol then shoot a further 10 shots. This final takes the form of unlimited sighters in 5 minutes and then 75 seconds being allowed for each of the 10 competition shots. These 10 shots are fired under Range Officer orders, so the times are strictly observed.

    Airgun shooting is a discipline which appeals to the purist, it is difficult to do well, but satisfying when some degree of consistent accuracy is acquired; it is not for the casual 'hobby shooter' who does not have the self-discipline to acquire the necessary skill to do well at it.

10 metre airgun targets


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