Tesro RS100 10 Metre target rifle rear sight

    The Tesro (of German manufacture) is a relative newcomer to the discipline of 10 metre airgun target shooting and this model, the RS100, equipped with the D10 100 rear sight unit is a high quality single shot precision target air rifle that conforms to the current standards for international shooting competitions. It is a pre-charged air gun that is pressurised by means of using a diver's bottle. To charge the gun the cylinder under the barrel is filled with compressed air at a typical pressure of several thousand pounder per square inch. This is sufficient to give a muzzle velocity of around 600 fps to the 4.5mm (.177 inch) pellet and will last for around 180 shots between fills. The gun can be matched closely to the shooter by means of having a fully adjustable cheek piece, grip and trigger unit. It can take literally weeks of painstaking adjustment to find the perfect fit for the individual user and this is especially true of sight adjustments. Rear sights can often have a bewilderingly large range of adjustments to position, filter type and colour, as well as side to side and up and down movement of the whole unit.

Tesro D10 rear sight unit for the RS100 rifle


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