Size comparison between a Feinwerkbau model 40 pistol & 700 rifle

    The relative sizes of air rifle and air pistol can be seen in this view as can the relative sizes of rifle and pistol targets (the large square pistol target is 17cm square (6½ inches)). For transport, pistols are normally carried fully assembled in briefcase style cases, but rifles, as can be seen, tend to be broken down into their major components and assembled at the range. The rifle compressed-air cylinder is the long black tube and it has a pressure gauge at the silver end, in a similar manner to the pistol. These are high precision pieces of equipment, capable of the highest levels of accuracy in competent hands. Both guns use compressed air at between 100 and 200 bar pressure (1500 to 300 pounds per square inch).

Feinwerkbau model 40 pistol & 700 rifle


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