Close-up of Feinwerkbau breech

    This picture shows a close-up view of the breech of a Feinwerkbau 2602 precision target rifle in .22 rimfire calibre. Also to be seen is the rear sight, complete with eye-blind so as to mask the view of the target from the shooter's other eye and thus save having to close the non-aiming eye (see also 25 yard firing point, where this blind can be seen being used by the 2nd marksman from the camera). The sights on this gun follow the usual German convention of turning them 'left' if the shots are going left (so as to move the point of impact to the right), rather than the British convention of turning them 'left' when the shots are going to the right (so as to move the point of impact to the left).


Feinwerkbau 2602 target rifle


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