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The Big Bang!
The Big Bang!

    This page shows photographs and slow-motion videos of various guns at the moment of firing. Most of these are black powder guns, rather than nitro, as black powder does give a rather more visual indication of being fired and hence makes for a better picture. Black powder shooting itself is generally speaking less accurate than nitro shooting, as the propellant itself, due to both variability in the manufacturing process of the powder and longer ignition times when firing, gives less consistent results. The guns themselves can be made to give quite good accuracy, but the common use of ball, rather than cylindrical, bullet shaped projectiles, coupled with the use of smooth bore barrels does lead to quite large groups compared to rifled barrels.

Some of the photographic sequences below are of quite large file sizes and it will help you to view them if you have a high speed internet connection.

Note: None of the shooting equipment shown below is kept at the Club premises, it is all privately owned by individual members.

Photographs of guns being fired


.44 calibre reproduction Rogers & Spencer revolver being fired
.50 calibre black powder pistol being fired

The effects of recoil using a Blackpowder revolver
.50 calibre Black Powder pistol (firing sequence)

.45 calibre stainless steel revolver being fired
.45  calibre reproduction Remington revolver with full load

.45 calibre Pennsylvanian rifle firing sequence and recoil
.75 calibre Brown Bess musket (firing sequence)

The Big Bang (Pistol)
The Big Bang (Rifle)

The Bigger Bang (Pistol)
.36 calibre under hammer Bootleg Pistol firing sequence

.50 calibre flintlock shotgun being fired
.577 Enfield rifle fired with a full load

Sequence of 3 photos in the firing of a flintlock shotgun
.577 Enfield rifle (firing sequence)

Another 9 photos of the firing of a flintlock shotgun
45-70 Nitro Carbine firing sequence

Close up of .75 calibre Brown Bess musket lock (firing sequence)
18lb Cannon

Slow motion videos of guns firing

Slow motion video of firing a Pennsylvanian rifle
Slow-motion video of firing a .75 calibre Brown Bess musket

Slow motion video of the firing of a flintlock shotgun
Slow motion video of the effects of recoil using a Blackpowder revolver

Stop motion video of a 10 metre Air Rifle target being shot
Stop motion video of a 25 yard .22 rifle target being shot

Slow-motion video of Brown Bess lock firing
Slow motion video of firing a .50 calibre Blackpowder pistol

Slow motion video of a Baker rifle being fired and showing body twist
Slow motion of a Walker Colt revolver showing the effects of recoil



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