.577 Enfield rifle

    This rifle is a black powder reproduction percussion fired Enfield of .577 calibre and fires a 500 grain bullet (by way of comparison a .44 magnum only uses a 240 grain bullet). The load used is at the maximum for our range and as can be seen the muzzle flash is both bright and large in size, about 3 feet long in fact. Using such loads on an indoor range is not to be encouraged, due to the large quantities of smoke generated on firing, however this shot was a part of chronograph testing of various loads and not normal target shooting. Note the muzzle jump due to recoil. Compare these photographs with the ones of the 45-70 Nitro Carbine, it is obvious that nitro powder is much cleaner burning (and makes much less mess to sweep-up afterwards).

.577 Enfield rifle at 0.03 seconds after firing

.577 Enfied rifle at 0.06 seconds after firing

.577 Enfield rifle at 0.09 seconds after firing


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