45-70 Nitro Carbine

    This sequence of three photographs shows the firing of a 45-70 nitro powder carbine on Marple Rifle and Pistol Club's 25 metre indoor range. As can be seen, in comparison to the muzzle flash from a black powder gun, a nitro cartridge is a much more subdued affair. However the recoil produced is sharper with a much more definite 'kick' to it, this is due to the much faster burning time of nitro powder and the higher pressures produced within the gun before the bullet exits from the barrel. The second photo below shows the blurring of the muzzle due to recoil movement. Compare these photographs with the ones of the .577 Enfield black powder rifle, it is obvious that nitro powder is much more efficient and cleaner burning than black powder.

45-70 Nitro Carbine
Just before firing (0.00 seconds)

45-70 Nitro Carbine muzzle flash
Muzzle flash & note the vibration blurring (0.03 seconds)

45-70 Nitro Carbine
Just after firing (0.06 seconds)



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