Stop motion video of a 10 metre Air Rifle target being shot

    This is a close-up of a 5 shot group being fired from the standing position at a 10 metre air rifle target. The pauses between shots have been reduced to make this video load in a reasonable amount of time, normally you would expect the gap between each shot to be about a minute. In competition, only one shot is fired at each target so as to make scoring easier.

    The '10' on these targets is ½ mm in diameter (it is the little white spot in the centre of the black) and this makes these targets a challenging prospect to achieve a good score. Scoring is done by inward gauging, which means that it is the edge of the hole nearest the centre which determines the value of the shot. A shot has only to touch the higher value line to score the higher value (see the 25 yard .22 rifle target for an example of outward gauging). The maximum score of 600 out of 600 has never been shot in competition (that is firing a total of 60 shots, each scoring 10 points). The value of these 5 shots is 47, which equates to 564 out of 600. Remember that this discipline is shot standing up without any support whatever.

Stop motion video of a 10 metre Air Rifle target being shot from the standing position


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