Photos of Marple Rifle and Pistol Club


10 Metre air rifle shooting
10 metre air gun firing point


  • The photographs below give an idea of the layout of the Club and what we can offer. The Club is being constantly upgraded and improved as a result of an ongoing program to make it as well equipped and comfortable as possible for all our members.

  • We have full wheelchair access, Ladies and Gentlemen's toilets, a kitchen area with refrigerator and heating to both the social area and the range itself. The range has an insulated ceiling in order that hot summer days do not become too oppressive and so that the noise of shooting is both contained and dampened.

  • The Club also has its own, dedicated, off-road and lit at night free parking for members use, located in a quiet green area on the edge of the countryside.


25 metre range from the firing point


  25 yard range (for .22 rifle)


25 yard firing point in use for prone .22 rifle

Airgun range (looking towards stats office)

  25 yard firing point in use for kneeling .22 rifle

Airgun target area


  Airgun range (looking towards butts)

  Social area


  A group of air rifle shooters on the 10 metre range

  View of the kitchen


  Another view of the social area

Outside of range building


  Car park area

  100 yard range at Altcar

  100 metre range at Sealand


300 metre range at Sealand


100 and 300 metre ranges at Sealand


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