Outdoor Airgun shooting

The outdoor airgun range in use (targets from 10 to 40 metres
Informal targets from 10 to 40 metres

View of the 40 metre outdoor airgun range
Any non-ricochet inducing targets can be used (but not ones made of glass)

The outdoor airgun range from the firing point
Up to 6 people can shoot at the same time over a distance of up to 40 metres

Looking down the outdoor airgun range
A wide variety of airguns can be used

     Outdoor Airgun shooting (sometimes called, Field Target shooting) is a new venture for Marple Rifle and Pistol Club. Starting in summer 2017, we began the physical work of converting part of our land into a 40 metre range for sub-12 ft/lb air rifles and sub-6ft/lb air pistols. The range has now been completed and is open for shooting practice.

    At this time the range is available for practice during daylight hours 7 days a week and the minimum attendance requirement is that at least two full members be present at all times in order to guarantee safe shooting.

    For all details as to organisation, costs and target availability, call the Club on 0161 427 9133 between 19:00 and 20:00 Wednesday or Friday, or 10:00 to 11:00 on a Sunday.

    Club membership covers outdoor airgun shooting as well as all the other types of indoor shooting that we do. There are no separate sections with different membership criteria and fees for different disciplines. 

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