What we do
at Marple Rifle and Pistol Club


     What we do is target shooting. What we shoot at are paper targets. What we shoot with are guns of all types, both rifles and pistols, airguns, cartridge guns and muzzle loading guns, single shot and multi shot.

     The Olympic Games contains shooting and we shoot the 10 metre Air Pistol and 10 Metre Air Rifle events as well as the .22 rifle events.

Blackpowder pistol on the 25 metre range
Blackpowder pistol on 25 metre range

Type 54 Anschutz single shot .22 calibre rifle
.22 prone rimfire rifle

10 metre airgun range with 12 firing points
10 metre airgun range

    1) Precision shooting to international standards and rules. This is done using .22 rimfire rifles from the Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions and using 4.5 mm Airguns (both rifle and pistol) from the Standing position only. All these types of shooting are events in the Olympic Games.

    2) Sport-Hobby shooting (more for people who do not wish to be too serious about their sport). This is done using all calibres and types of rifle, carbine and pistol and is mostly from the Standing position.

    We shoot from three different positions:

    Prone: means lying down on your front, supporting the upper body on the elbows and often using a sling from the front of the rifle to a cuff on the upper arm for additional support. This is mainly done for .22 precision shooting.

    Standing: means just that, you stand up without any additional support and hold the gun with either one or two hands depending on type, rules or preferences. This is the position used for most pistol, and all airgun shooting.

    Kneeling: means going down on one knee with the foot of the other leg flat on the floor and resting the elbow on the raised knee. The gun is held with either one or two hands depending on type, rules or preferences. This is mainly done for .22 precision shooting.

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