Field Target shooting


     Field Target shooting is a new venture for Marple Rifle and Pistol Club. Starting in summer 2017, we began the physical work of converting part of our land into a 40 metre Field Target range for sub-12 ft/lb air rifles. As the construction of the new range takes place, progress will be announced here and details of the courses of fire on offer will be published.

    Please be patient, this is a new venture and we are feeling our way forward, but we hope that by late spring 2019 we will be fully up and running. At this time there are no details as to when the range will be open for use, but obviously opening times will have to be during daylight hours. The good news is that since Field Target is an outdoor activity, there will not be any competition for range time with the indoor range and so it will be quite possible for both activities to take place simultaneously.

    For the state of progress and details of days and times of shooting, call 0161 427 9133 and ask to speak to a Range Officer. Please remember that Field Target shooting is a new discipline for us and it will be a little time from now before it becomes fully operational and full details of costs etc are available.

    Club membership will cover Field Target shooting as well as all the other types of shooting that we do. Membership of the Club covers all activities. There are no separate sections with differing membership criteria and fees for different disciplines. 


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