Ballistics Program

from Marple Rifle and Pistol Club

Parts of a centre-fire metalic cartridge

  • This program is offered for free use to anyone who wishes to experiment either with calculating cartridge performance, or as an aid to estimating bullet impact point at various distances.
  • The program runs under either Microsoft GW Basic, or Microsoft Quick Basic (Q BASIC) and there are Batch Files to handle either version.
  • The program is largely based on that contained in the NRA Handbook, issue3 (the NRA of America, not the NRA of Great Britain). You are free to modify the program as you wish and to experiment with it as required. However I am afraid that if you do not know how to follow the basic program setting-up steps laid out below, then unfortunately no additional help is available on this site, you will need to find your very own Guru.

To use the program:

  • 1) Download the file, Program (28Kb) and save it as: T.BAS

  • 2) Download the Batch File for either GW Basic, or the more up-to-date Quick Basic as required and save it as: T.BAT

  • 3) Put both 1 and 2 above in the same directory as your copy of either GW Basic or Quick Basic.

  • 4) Assuming that you are running any copy of Windows from version 3.1 onwards, install the above Batch File (T.BAT) in a program group of your choice, e.g. "Ballistics" and make T.BAT the target file to start the program.

  • 5) It is thought that the program will run on other versions of Basic, but has only been tested on the above two.

  • 6) As far as I can tell the program is accurate and is useful for sighting-in at long range.

Have fun!

Mike Williams

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Revised 28-Feb-2022.